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Discovering Lake Como

The Lake

Besides being the most famous of the Italian lakes, Lake Como is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It has absolutely stunning views of the surrounding magnificant mountains and their deep valleys. The lake water is crystal clear and varies in colour from light green to dark green/blue. On the rare occasion when the lake is still, it mirrors the magnificent scenery that surrounds it.

The towns and villages along the lakes shores are very picturesque and each one of them feels like you are walking back in time. In summer you will find villages inundated with tourists from all around the world and many of the lakeside beach areas are full to capacity with holidaymakers as well as local residents. The Milanese tend to come to the lake for their weekend break as well as to escape the city heat.

In the winter months the lake is much quieter although you will still see and hear the odd tourist ambling around. Lake Como is never completely tourist free as even during the winter the lake attracts visitors with its stunning snow-capped mountains and clear crisp winter days with blue skies.

Over the years, Lake Como has become more and more popular with both tourists and celebrities alike as it is in a fantastic location and is ideal if you are looking for for a romantic getaway. You will never tire of taking photographs as the scenery is outstanding; with its magnificent mountains and valleys and of course the many quaint villages with beautiful lakeside villas.